Water-based Screen Cleaning Machine ASC-1000

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ASC -1000 screen cleaning and washing machine is a third generation screen cleaning machine specially designed for "Water-Base" process:

Automatic complete the cleaning, rinsing, and drying processes. (Using the unique double four spray bar cleaning and rinsing design, double four wind shear and drying design, rinsing uses in-line filtering to ensure cleanliness)

Applicable examples:

The cleaning of SMT steel mesh, copper mesh, glue mesh, printing jig, PCB misprinting board and PCBA can effectively clean the residual solder paste and red glue on the surface and hole wall after printing


  • Fast & powerful cleaning effect: SMT steel mesh, copper mesh, glue mesh, SOP printing steel mesh, screen printing glue jig, PCB misprinting board and PCBA board, can quickly and effectively clean the surface after printing with solder paste, red glue and other contaminants;
  • Standard water-based automatic cleaning mode: Complete all cleaning procedures of cleaning, rinsing and drying in one cleaning room, small size and compact structure
  • The whole process visualization: The cleaning room is equipped with a visual window, so the cleaning process is clear
  • Wide range of applications: SMT/ SOP steel mesh, silk screen, printing glue jig, SMT scraper, large size PCBA / misprinted board;
  • Adjustable nozzle pressure and symmetrical design: Solved the tension problem of SMT/SOP steel mesh under high pressure spraying during the cleaning process; 
  • Standard cleaning liquid tank heating system: The requirement of water-based technology for heating and emulsification greatly improves the cleaning efficiency and shortens the cleaning time;
  • Low operating costs: The built-in filtering device can realize the recycling of the solvent and extend the saturation time of the pollutant load. At the end of the cleaning, the residual chemical liquid in the compressed air recovery pipeline and pump is used, which can effectively save 50% of the cleaning agent; 
  • Can clean large size PCBA (800mm*800mm)
  • High-pressure fan + four wind shears: Using 7.5HP high-pressure fan, the efficiency is higher (3~5 minutes) and more thorough!
  • Full Chinese large touch screen operation interface: Adopt stable and reliable imported brand color touch screen for: solvent temperature, cleaning time, rinsing times/time, rinsing temperature, drying time, drying temperature, conductivity monitoring parameters, etc..., setting;



Applicable steel mesh size

800(L) × 760(W) × 40mm(H)  (Extra large size needs to be customized)

Maximum volume of liquid tank

60 liters

Spray pump

4HP stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump

Cleaning method

The screen moves back and forth, high-pressure liquid jetting with four spray bars (cleaning → wind shearing → rinsing → wind shearing → drying)

Cleaning time

1-3 mins (solder paste)

Rinsing time

1-2 mins

Drying time 

1-2 mins

Wind shearing 

1-2 mins

External power supply, air supply 

AC380V  50HZ  33KW  60A/ 0.45 ~ 0.7 (Mpa)

Consuming air amount

150-350 L/Minutes

Vent size

Φ100×30mm(H) Maximum gravitational wind speed 3m/see

Filtering system

The 1st stage: 10㎛ (filter impurities and labels)

The 3rd stage: 0.45㎛ (filter tin balls and rosin particles)

Net weight of the machine


Machine size

1600(L) × 1100(W) × 2100mm(H)

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