Dual Groove Steel Mesh Cleaning Machine ASC-750S

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• The structure and volume of the whole machine are small, which saves space for users;

• Modular structure design, easy for users to maintain the machine;

• Provide a standard ground wire interface to effectively discharge static electricity;

• The whole machine fully complies with the MD, LVD, and EMC directives of EU requirements


Examples application:

●Suitable for cleaning all kinds of stencils such as steel mesh, copper mesh, micro-hole mesh and wafer tray 

● Suitable for the cleaning of circuit boards, clamps, scrapers and other similar products and appliances



  • All stainless steel, beautiful, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, in line with environmental protection requirements and standards;

  • Fully pneumatic operation, no electricity, no hidden safety hazards such as fire, has passed the EU safety certification;

  • High-density isobaric double-sided rotating cleaning nozzle: strong cleaning power without damaging the tension of the steel mesh;

  • Three-stage and five-layer filtration system, low exhaust pipe design: solvent recycling, low liquid consumption;

  • Humanized design: one-button operation and automatic liquid discharge function, the operation is very simple.

  • System integration of global high-quality devices: to ensure excellent quality, stable performance and long service life.

  • Replaceable modular controller and quick plug-in design, maintenance is also very simple and convenient.



Applicable steel mesh size

750(L) × 750(W) × 40mm(H)  (Extra large size needs to be customized)

Number of single cleaning

2PCS/time (double groove)

Maximum volume of liquid tank

65 liters

The best amount of liquid

40-65 liters

Cleaning method

360° rotary liquid spray cleaning and compressed air drying

Cleaning time

3-5 mins (solder paste)

Drying time 

3-5 mins

External air pressure

Air pressure during machine operation: 0.6 - 0.8 (Mpa)

External air flow


Vent size

Φ100×30mm(H) Maximum gravitational wind speed 3m/see

filtering system

The 1st stage: 10㎛ (filter impurities and labels)

The 3rd stage: 0.45㎛ (filter tin balls and rosin particles)

Net weight of the machine


Machine size

1250(L) × 950(W) × 1680mm(H)

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