ASC-4500 In-line Four-axis Curve Separator

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1. Using the up/down vacuuming mode, a rational programme can be customized according to customer requirements, and the dust collection effect is good. (Upper and lower vacuums are not interchangeable)

2. The substrate is fixed more firmly during cutting to avoid errors in cutting accuracy caused by poor positioning.

3. The special jig is made, which is easy to fix the product to be cut to ensure the high precision cutting requirements of the product.

4. An anti-static generator is attached to the front section of the spindle for continuous blowing during cutting, which reduces the static electricity generated during high-speed spindle cutting, which can avoid damage to the parts due to static electricity.

5. Adopt a safety door to reduce noise and dust and improve safety. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a vacuum box (it can be scheduled and maintained according to the capacity cutting demand or the dust collection time).


Function Items Hardware Demand
Model ASC-4500
Dimensions L1400*W1200*H1800mm
Power 220V/50HZ
Machine Wattage 1.5KW
Weight About 700KG
Cleaner Wattage 2.2KW  Vacuum cleaner power supply:Three-phase 380V
Table Dimension 900mm*360mm
Cutting Speed 0-100mm/s
X, Y, Z axis driving speed X,Y 1000mm/s(min),Z 750mm/s(min) driven by servo motor
Repeatability Accuracy  ±0.02mm
Working Area



PCB Thickness 0.5-2mm(or thicker)
Router Bit Diameter 0.8-2.0mm (Tool holder diameter 3.175)
Cutting Precision ±0.02mm
Cutting Ability Linear, Circular, U-curve, Arc, L-curve
Cutter Change Manual, tools needed
Cutter Atrition System  Smart to set the no.of knife section (0-3)
Break Detection No, can be installed with the programme
Cutter Life Control  controlled by Program
Table Number 2

Table Function

2 tables running in parallel
Spindle Speed 60000rpm
Spindle Cooling System  air cooling
Cleaner Mode collect dust downside
Working Power 380V, 50HZ
Air press 0.5-0.7Mpa(above)
Safety Device security door or sensor
Mode offline, load and unload PCBA by hand 
Auto failure test and repair mode Self-diagnosis, display failure information in real time, query IO state visually, easy for troubleshooting 
Computer and Operation System  PIC,Windows 7 or more advanced version
Program Backup USB
Software access Password protection, the operator enter corresponding interface according to important parameters.
Programming Visual interface, the cutting point capacity for a single program should be over 400, dynamic simulation of cutting schedule.
Auto correction of the mark point  With Mark point automatic calibration function (Yes)
Fixture  universal fixture
Voice Control  ≦78 dB(measured in 1M’s distance)
Maintenance Period  Over 1 year for the whole machine, and over 2 years for the spindle, and the spindle enjoys 3000 hours’ maintenance during the period
Technology Support  Offer service of operation, programming, hardware caring and maintenance training; free upgrade of application. 


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