High-performance Screen Printer HCL-1200

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Fully Automatic Vision Solder Paste Screen Printer


Multi function Images processing system 

  • Coaxial image CCD double up and down, adaptive lighting automatic adjustment

Individual floating printing heads 

  • Independent motor control: Two independent motor control  front and rear squeegees , printing process constant pressure.

  • Floating printing head: Programmable floating type squeegees  automatic adjustment and directly connected scraper structure.

More reliability & efficiency

  • Direct drive ball-screw: The squeegees transportation adopts the ball-screw with the servo direct connection ,This robust design ensures the highest degree of reliability & repeatability.

  • More convenient: Barrier-free space is conducive to quick line changing and solder paste adding, and automatic opening of the cover slows down the operation. 

Intelligent transmission system

  • Automatic stop plate device + automatic base plate positioning + left in left out, left in right out, right in right out, right in left out

  • Support high block, pin, vacuum cavity and platform

  • The elastic  side clamp and high accuracy  retract top clamp 

Table Auto Detection System 

  • Table  height calibrates automatically according to thickness of the PCB

  • More effectively adjust PCB and conveyor flatness and stencil perfect fit  to achieve the best printing effect.

Unique patent design 

  • Adopt Granite Transport CCD and cleaning system to ensure the high accuracy  and long term stability and no deformation.

  • Core Parts Core Ball-screws and guide rail of HC-1200 adopt THK import from Japan.     Servo motors used Schneider.

2D Inspection system

  • SPC application management 

  • Real-time monitoring of printing quality status

  • Timely detection of defects and adjustments

Integral Frame

  • High rigidity: Adopt the integration of thickening, thickening and high rigidity-Frame, ensure long-term printing stability of equipment.

  • High precision: Long-term guarantee of printing accuracy in 0.02mm, repeat positioning accuracy in 0.008mm.

Intelligent Cleaning System: 

  • Rain-drops type: Using the spray device from the top down, according to the PCB size can automatically adjust the amount and range.

  • Cleaning method: Three methods: dry wipe, wet wipe, vacuum wipe, can be independent and a variety of free cleaning combinations.

  • Flexible application: Flexible for different lengths of cleaning roll paper.

Intelligent software backup

Warning function


Specification Highlights:

  • Machine Alignment Capability: ± 10 μm(6σ) 

  • Shortest Core Cycle Time: 2 Cpk @± 25μm(6σ)           

  • Process Alignment Capability (CCT) :<10sec+process 

  • Flexible Stencil loading system: 730 x 300mm to 1500 x750mm 

  • Board Handling Size: 50 x 50mm to 1200 x340mm 

  • 2D Inspection system: 2D inspection and SPC tool are included.





Machine Alignment Capability

2 Cmk @ ± 10 microns (at 6Sigma) 

Process Alignment Capability

2 Cpk @± 25 microns (at 6Sigma) 

Core Cycle Time 

(excluding printing & cleaning time) 

< 10 secs 

Product Changeover Time

<5 mins 

New Product Set-up Time



Max. Size (L&W)


1500mm(X) x   450mm(Y) 

Min. Size (L&W)




0.2mm ~ 6mm 

PCB Thickness Adjustment


PCB Max Weight 


PCB Edge Clearance 


PCB Bottom Clearance

Programmable 13mm (25mm option)

PCB Warpage

Max 1% (Based on diagonal length)

Clamping Method 

Motor controlled elastic side clamping + Manual retractable top clamp

Support Method

Magnetic support pins, bars, blocks, vacuum suction (option auto flexible Pin)

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