DIP Downside Visual Inspection AOI WZ-E15

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  • Telecentric optical system: high resolution and impressive accuracy
  • Overwhelming speed
  • Large-capacity memory space
  • Efficient image data processing - GPU
  • Efficiency of the entire plant through -  SPC management system

High resolution - Impressive accuracy: 5.0M industrial camera

  • Using Germany basler industrial camera with high pixels (5-14 million pixels)
  • High depth of field, low distortion, high pixels, fixed resolution design (10μm, 15μm, 20μm*).
  • Unique design of RGB-LED three-color light source for more obvious inspection of ultra-compact defects;
  • The digital controller is fully closed to ensure the stability and uniformity of light source brightness.    

Overwhelming speed: 

  • According to different resolutions: 3500mm²/s, 8500mm²/s, 10500mm²/s*

Large-capacity memory space - Operating system and GPU parallel computing

  • Windows 8.1 (X64) operation system can expand the memory space and easily deal with the data storage of the whole board shooting and inspection.

Efficient image data processing - GPU

  • GPU is 100 times faster than CPU, easily deal with the image processing and image detection of the whole board. 

For improving the efficiency of the entire plant through -  SPC management system 

  • Achieving the efficiency of the entire factory through powerful SPC management system.
  • The ultra-high accuracy in determining errors to ensure inaccurate inspection ratio can be controlled within 3000PPM.
  • SPC Report: The user-friendly report function can trace the data information of each PCB test, at the same time, it can query the bad product information of a certain period of time and connect with the shopfloor system to achieve higher quality monitoring and management.
  • Ultra-low false positive rate: The unique image processing theory can filter out the factors that may have an impact on the detection results, ensuring unnecessary interference in the detection process, thereby reducing the misjudgment and improving the detection efficiency.


Inspection system

Inspection items

Missing parts, lack of tin, short circuit, false soldering, wrong parts, extremely inverted, tombstone, soft board, etc.

Inspection components

Chip components (≥01005), IC pins (≥0.3mm pitch), FPCB component, wave soldering spots etc.

Inspection methods

Template matching, brightness extraction, brightness average, brightness minimum, brightness maximum, color extraction, circle detection, character detection, offset detection, angle detection, etc.

Optical system

Industrial cameras

Basler 5 to 14 million pixels color cameras*

Test resolution: 10um, 15um, 20um*

Light source

RGB LED light + multi-angle annular telecentric lens, depth: 8mm

Light screen

Automatic protection device, response time: ≤5ms

Machine system







PCB thickness

0.3-8.0mm (PCB bending degree: ≤3mm)

PCB component height

Up: 50mm

Down: 70mm

Drive equipment

Panasonic servo motor

Motor system

High precision screw + linear guide + positioning accuracy ≤10μm

Rail track

PCB standard track

Track height


Board size

50x50mm - 510x460mm (special size can be customized)

Software function

Inspection speed

According to different resolutions: 3500mm²/s (10um), 8500mm²/s (15um), 10500mm²/s (20um)*

Machine parameters

Power supply

AC220V  50Hz  1600W

Overall size

1100x1300x1500mm (Without lighthouse)



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