Wave E-flow Soldering Machine

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E-FLOW (left to right) 3 infrared; roller-type double hook claw transmission; tin furnace exhaust hood over board width: 50mm-350mm

Main features:
1. Connection device: Linkage mode for board connection, aluminum rail, stainless steel chain drive.
2. Transmission system: Equipped with roller-type double hooks, anti-deformation structure design of aluminum
alloy rails; manual adjustment of substrate width; adjustable conveying angle, configuration of digital angle display;
transportation speed controlled by frequency converter, stepless speed regulation
3. Tin furnace system:
The inner pot of the tin furnace is made of special cast iron with anti-corrosion treatment on the surface; the direct-
coupled motor drives the crest and frequency conversion speed regulation; the tin slag diversion and oxide reduction
device; manual control of the tin furnace in and out and lifting movement; external heating device, PID Temperature
control mode and low level alarm.
4. Spray system:
Modular design, spray movement is controlled by stepper motor; corresponding to PCB spray length automatic
adjustment, digital setting of spray width and speed, with pressure gauge fine adjustment device to adjust spray flow
and spray particle size; constant pressure device supplies flux and liquid level alarm and automatic addition of flux;
strong exhaust and filtering system.
5. Preheating system: The new drawer modular and energy-saving design, three-section infrared heating, higher
thermal efficiency and more uniform temperature. Three sections of the temperature zone, the length of the preheat
zone is 1.8 meters, PID temperature control mode.
6. Cooling system: Forced natural wind to cool up and down.
7. Claw washing device: Special brush cleaning.
8. Control system: PC+PLC electrical control system, Chinese-English window operation interface, data storage and
other functions.


PCB size


Entry board height


Transmission speed


Transmission angle


Transmission direction

 left → right

Flux capacity


Spray exhaust

Approx. 30m3/min

Compressed air

4~6Bar. 100L/min

Preheating temperature


Tin furnace temperature


Tin furnace capacity


Wave height


Machine size


Net weight


Power supply

three-phase 380VAC 50Hz

Total power

Approx. 33KW

Operating power

Approx. 8KW

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