Máy cắm linh kiện đứng NB168

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Technical questionnaire for AI M/C review  
Item # Description  Answer  
1 M/C size (Main) W:2140mm,D:1760mm,H:1620mm ( Excluding signal towner and material rack )  
2 M/C size (Feeder) 40 stations, 20 standard stations of 5.0mm, 20 stations are optional (2.5, 7.5, 10)  
3 Power source 3pharse 380V±20V, 50/60Hz, 3.5KVA  
4 Air source Min. 0.45 Mpa-Max. 0.8 Mpa, (Operation air pressure: 0.45 ~ 0.5 MPa)
Approx. 80 L / min. (A.N.R)
5 PCB size (W x L) Min. 50 mm × 50 mm to Max. 508 mm × 381 mm  
6 PCB thickness (Min-Max.) Min 0.6 mm~Max 2.0 mm, Standard 1.6 mm ± 0.15 mm  
7 Max. height of the component Height Hn = Max. 25 mm (customized specifications can be up to 26mm)  
8 Max. size of comonent 直径 D = Max. 13 mm  
9 Max. weight of the PCBA (after insertion) 1 kg  
10 Insertion speed Best speed about 0.168s/point (0.20, 0.25, 0.30s/point, ability to switch  
11 CPH (Component per hour) 21500 points  
12 Max. PPM of error <1000 PPM  
13 Accuaucy of X & Y axis 0.01 mm / pulse  
14 insertion direction & Increment 360°, increasing unit by 1°
Right→left (standard), or left→right (select specifications)
Automatic machine interpolation / manual machine interpolation
15 Clinch angle (Lead bending angle) Clinch lead angle is adjustable in a range (5°- 35°)  
16 Have camera to check the hole?  Yes  
17 Have auto recovey component function? Yes, component feet detection  
18 Have part exhaust detection function?有没有排气检查功能? Yes, there are warning systems in scrapped components feet  
19 Have out of component detection function? Yes, early warning of material shortage  
20 Support non -stop opertaion?支持不间断运行吗? Yes, The equipment can be added with UPS, 
This power supply is only used by the computer to save data, and non-equipment uses backup power
21 Allow component replenishment beforehand 允许提前补货 Yes  
22 How to transfer the PCB on the X-Y table? Transfer the PCB automatically  
23 Max. step /program 5000  
24 Max. type of program can store 1000  
25 Window version  Win7  
26 Have Vietnam service support? Yes, by Vietnam NBK Technical Equipments and services Company  
27 How long to arrive at factory when receiving emergency call 24-48 hours  
28 Have vaccuum unit? Install inside the M/C or external unit? Yes, inside  
29 Comply with ANSI ESD E20.20? No  

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