CP-500 Series Automatic High Precision Paste Printer

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  • The PCB size is compatible with a wide range (50x50mm to 500x340mm)
  • High-precision printing resolution. High positioning accuracy, repeated positioning accuracy ±0.01mm; printing accuracy 0.02mm. Support glue printing.
  • Fully automatic control can improve production efficiency, control quality, and save costs:
  • Automatically positioning the stencil; 
  • Automatic PCB correction;
  • Automatic scraper pressure adjustment;
  • Automatic printing
  • Automatic stencil cleaning (dry cleaning, washing, vacuum cleaning mode three kinds);
  • Adopt the ring printing head independently developed by Huancheng Company, programmable scraper pressure automatic adjustment system, automatically balance the scraper pressure,  precise pressure control can achieve perfect solder paste molding effect
  • Programmable motor control scraper and stencil separation speed and stroke, can flexibly implement a variety of demoulding methods
  • Multifunctional PCB fixed positioning system, PCB positioning is convenient, fast and accurate
  • Up and down visual positioning system
  • Built-in image processing system
  • Support 2D, SPC function
  • The printing translation is driven by the motor direct connection timing belt

Printing range of solder paste

(1), SMT process resistance, capacitance, inductance, diode, transistor and other chip components production and processing: 01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 and other specifications;

(2), IC: Support SOP, TSOP, TSSOP, QFN and other packages, minimum pitch 0.3mm;

             Support BGA, CSP package, minimum ball diameter 0.2mm;

(3), PCB size: 50mm x 50mm ~ 500mm x 340

(4), PCB thickness: 0.6mm ~ 6mm

(5), FPC thickness: below 0.6mm (with fixture)

Scope of application

Manufacturing of mobile phones, communications, LCD TVs, in-vehicle electronics, medical power equipment, aerospace and other products/equipment, and production and processing of general electronic products.





Repeat Position Accuracy


Printing Accuracy 


Cycle Time

<7s (Exclude Printing & Cleaning)

Products Changeover


Screen Stencil Size/Min

470mm X 370mm

Screen Stencil Size/Max

820mm X 737mm

Screen Stencil Size/Thickness

20mm ~ 40mm

PCB Size/Min


PCB Size/Max


PCB Size/Thickness

0.6 ~ 6mm

PCB Warpage Ratio

<1%(Diagonal length as a reference)

Bottom of Board Size

13mm(The standard configuration,25mm(Configuration)

Edge of Board Size


Transport High


Transport Direction

L-R, R-L, L-L, R-R

Transport Speed

100-1500mm/sec Programmable control

Board Location

Support System

Magnetic thimble/side support block/flexible automatic thimble (optional)

Clamping System

Elastic side clamp / Z attracted to the tablet / vacuum (optional)

Print head

Programmable electronically controlled printing head

Scraper Speed 

10 ~ 200mm/sec

Scraper Pressure

0-15kg Program control (standard configuration) /digital display closed-loop pressure feedback (optional)   

Scraper Angle


Scraper Type

Steel squeegee (standard), rubber squeegee, other types of squeegee need to be customized

Stencil Separation Speed)

0.01 ~ 125mm/sec Programmable three-stage control

Cleaning Method

Dry cleaning, wet cleaning, vacuuming (programmable arbitrary combination)

Table Adjustment Range

X: ±4mm;Y:±6mm;θ:±2°

Image reference point type

Dry cleaning, wet cleaning, vacuuming (programmable arbitrary combination)

Camera System

CD camera/telecentric coaxial vision system/four independent coaxial/ring LED light sources

Air Pressure


Air Consumption

Approx: 0.007m³/min

Control Method

PC Control

Power Supply 

AC:220±10%,50/60HZ 1Φ 1.5KW

Machine Dimensions

1250mm(W)x1450mm(D)x1510(H)mm (Remove the height of the lighthouse, please refer to the peripheral dimensions of the product)



Operation Temperature

-20°C ~ +45°C

Operation Humidity

30% ~ 60%


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